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Space Wars 2™ Powerpoints™ Slot

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Game Provider NetEnt
Game Type Slots
Release Year 2022
Volatility High
Return to Player 96.05%
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Space Wars 2™ Powerpoints™ by NetEnt, a thrilling sequel, is an outer space, alien wars-themed, High Volatility video slot. Expanding on a 6-reel, 6-row gaming grid, it offers a maximum win of 10,020x, fuelled by the NetEnt signature mechanics: Avalanche™ and Powerpoints™.

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Space Wars 2™ Powerpoints™ – the search for the crystal continues!

Fighting for that fabled space crystal and causing mayhem in the universe, the aliens are back in the Space Wars 2™ Powerpoints™ video slot by NetEnt  — and this time, they are bringing all the Blasters and Zappers they can find.

647Space Wars 2™ Powerpoints™ symbol
Space Wars 2™ Powerpoints™ poster

Slot Overview

Stellar lineup of inter-galactic features and mechanics

Launch to outer space, to experience a galactic journey. Beyond the revolutionary Powerpoints™ and Avalanche™ mechanics, Wild and Multiplier Wild symbols, Column and Row Blasters, Zappers and Bombs, 3 Combo features, Free Spins with expanding reels really blast things off!

How to play Space Wars 2™ Powerpoints™

Choose your bet and click the Spin button to see what the reels have in store for you. You can bet with specific amounts of 0.20-100. 

Avalanche™ and Powerpoints™

Explore outer space enjoying the unique twist the Powerpoints™ and Avalanche™ mechanics orchestrate in this cosmic world. 

When symbols match in a cluster win, they turn into Powerpoints™ that add up, moving a tiny rocket at the top of the screen to record your gathered points. The Avalanche™ makes sure winning symbols disappear, allowing new characters to transfer to the reels.

The Powerpoints™ that you are collecting fuel your Multiplier rocket on the top of the reels. Once no more matches appear, the Blasters, Zappers and Bombs will transmute further symbols into Powerpoints™ when they are present on the reels.

When all movement settles, your Powerpoints™ are tallied, and your wager is enhanced by the reached multiplier. Your progress bar resets upon a new spin.

Wilds and Multipliers

A Wild symbol is awarded when 3 identical symbols match in the Main Game and Free Spins. The matched symbols turn into one Wild, and disappear to let new symbols fall into the empty spaces. The Wild symbol complement nearby winning clusters, earning Powerpoints™.

During Free Spins, you receive random multiplier Wild symbols when matching at least 3 symbols. A random value of 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x, or 25x is given to multiplier Wilds to boost the Powerpoints™ that you receive from matching symbols.

Free Spins

Once your Powerpoints™ gather and you manage to pass the 1,000-point mark, get ready for 8 Free Spins! The more aliens and crystals you destroy and the more Powerpoints™ you collect, the more Free Spins you will get: a maximum of 5,000 Powerpoints™ give 20 Free Spins. Once you are in the Free Spins round, you randomly receive 1-3 more Free Spins when the Powerpoints™ collect meter hits the milestones of 1,400, 2,800, 4,200, 5,600, 7,000, and 8,400. Astronomical prizes await you, Captain, in the Bonus Round!

Bombs, Zappers and Blasters


In both the Base Game and the Bonus Round, a horizontal 4-symbol match earns a Column Blaster symbol. The same match vertically summons a Row Blaster. Depending on where the Blaster is faced, the entire row or reel is cleared of symbols, bar Wilds and Features, adding many Powerpoints™ to your meter!


Galactic forces may encroach onto the reels when a 5- or 6-symbol match sparks a Zapper symbol to life. The Zapper eliminates symbols from the reels in 2 ways:

  • A 5-symbol match removes 1 to 4 different high/medium/low-paying symbols from the reels.
  • A 6-symbol match removes 3 to 4 different high/medium/low-paying symbols from the reels.

During the Free Spins, a 5-, 6-, 7-, or 8-symbol match randomly rewards a Zapper symbol, eliminating even more high/medium/low-paying symbols from the reels.


Bombs appear in the Main Game and Free Spins when matching symbols form a winning cluster vertically and horizontally. The Bomb goes off when no more symbol matches take place. Blowing away all the surrounding symbols, except Wilds and Features, eliminated symbols convert into Powerpoints™ to boost the progress meter. You receive a doubled amount of  Powerpoints™ if the Bomb feature impacts a multiplier Wild symbol.

Combo Features

The mind-blowing features of Space Wars 2 Powerpoints™ are well aware of the force behind team spirit. They combine their powers for intriguing Combo features every now and then.


Once a Column or Row Blaster and a Bomb land next to each other horizontally or vertically, the Combo 1 feature removes all symbols except for Wilds and Feature Symbols from the reels not only in one row but in all the adjacent rows to the Bomb!


When a Bomb and Zapper end up near each other horizontally or vertically for Combo 2, the Zapper turns 1-3 different high-, medium-, or low-paying symbols into Bombs for an amplified bang!


In Combo 3, a Zapper and a Column or Row Blaster land near each other. The Zapper randomly turns 1-3 different high-, medium-, or low-paying symbols into Zappers, which fly around and clear the columns and rows they are summoned onto.

Theme and Symbols

Aliens and space rocks are essential symbols in this game. The ruby-coloured crystal is the highest-paying symbol—so precious that the alien tribes cannot stop talking about it. Chasing the priceless crystal, aliens are medium-paying symbols, while the coloruful space rocks are the lowest-paying symbols.

The features of Space Wars 2TM Powerpoints™ showcase unique weaponry to fight in the galaxy. Column/Row Blaster symbols are space torpedoes about to fly through rows and reels, Zappers are luminous hexagonal metal balls preparing to shock elements, and Bombs are shiny metallic robot balls ready to explode. The Wilds and Multiplier Wilds are robots.

Bottom Line

As a sequel to the well-known NetEnt classic, Space Wars 2™ Powerpoints™ evokes familiar feelings while boosts gameplay with a handful of new features. The Powerpoints™ mechanics gives a thrilling spin to Cluster Pay™-esque symbol matches, while the combination of different features brings you a game of many pleasant surprises. Nothing else to do—jump on your spaceship and fly into the Milky Way to fight tiny aliens for inter-galactic jewels.

The cosmos has been such a messy space. Meteors and stardust floating around vexing aliens and their irking space stones. Brrrrr. The universe is waiting for you to rid her infinity of these cosmic exiles and the clutter they leave behind. Spacesuit up now in NetEnt’s Space Wars 2™ Powerpoints™ and enjoy an unprecedented online slot experience as you cleanse the dark, starry skies of extraterrestrials.

The demo game for Space Wars 2™ Powerpoints™ will let you try your spaceship guiding hands at eliminating extraterrestrials and ridding them of their space crystal treasure. Mind you, you may find yourself entering the wormhole and arriving at a new galaxy of betting real money!