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Mega Ball

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Unique, super-fast bouncing ball game. Similar to Bingo but in a live game show with massive multipliers!

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Mega Ball – line up big wins in this Bingo-style live game show

Play Mega Ball live and discover the fun. As in Bingo, bouncing balls generate winning numbers based on chance. Simply set the value of your cards and purchase your desired numbers, up to 200 per game round. Then let the thrilling live game action unfold. Our Mega Ball casino game is a unique, entertaining, fast-paced game show, featuring one or two Mega Ball bonus rounds for your chance to win even more with the added multipliers!

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How to play

Learn how to play Mega Ball, available for you to enjoy virtually anywhere on desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Buy cards

Decide how many cards you want to buy and how much to play for in the Mega Ball live casino. You can set the value for the cards, from €0.10 to €100. You can easily choose to buy 1, 10, 25 or 100 cards with a click of a button in the user interface. If you want more cards, just click on any of these buttons again. It’s possible to buy up to 400 cards.

Change card value

You can change the value of your cards while the betting time is open. The selected card value will be automatically applied to all your cards if you decide to change it.

All your purchased cards are displayed on the screen. You can zoom in on any individual card at any time to see how the numbers are distributed on the card.

Ball drawing

Once the betting time is over, 20 balls out of 51 are drawn at a fast pace from the ball drawing machine. If the number of the drawn ball matches a number on any of your cards, this is automatically marked on your card/s.

As the balls are drawn one by one, your cards will be automatically updated and sorted, with the card closest to winning placed at the top. When a line has been completed, your winnings per card are also updated and displayed for each card.

You can also see how much you could win if one or more specific balls should happen to be drawn. The balls you need in order to win will be highlighted in gold above your cards together with your possible winnings should your numbers actually be drawn. This makes the game more exciting as it highlights potential winnings.

When the last ball has been drawn in the main game, one or two intriguing Mega Ball bonus rounds occur.

Generate Mega Ball multiplier

At first a Mega Ball multiplier in the range from 5x to 100x is generated on the large screen in the studio. Different colours are used to highlight the Mega Ball multiplier, with the colours changing depending on the size of the multiplier. The colours of the ‘Numbers needed to win’ display will change according to the multiplier.

Draw the Mega Ball

A ball is then drawn from the ball drawing machine to determine the number of the Mega Ball.

If the Mega Ball number completes any line on your cards, your payout on that card is then multiplied by the Mega Ball multiplier.

If a line is not complete, the Mega Ball number will be rated as a regular ball and will not multiply the payout.

If there is more than one Mega Ball among your winning lines on the same card, your payout will be multiplied only by the highest multiplier. This can only happen if there are two Mega Balls drawn in the game round.

Game result

After the Mega Ball bonus round your cards are sorted again and only those cards with winnings are left on the screen.

Your total winnings are calculated automatically and celebrated. The cards are sorted according to how much you have won, with the biggest win first.

If you did not win anything in the last game round you can see how close you were to winning – all your cards will be sorted and those closest to winning will be displayed on the screen.

Mega Ball gameplay clips


Mega Ball Big Win 25 000x multiplier


Mega Ball Big Win Compilation

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