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Bac Bo

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Highest total wins in unique ‘dice Baccarat’ game!

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Dice-Fused Baccarat Variant

Bac Bo is an exciting and all-new variation of the already beloved Baccarat, with added dice action for a unique and entertaining gaming experience. The game is endlessly engaging and has an elegant flow. The gameplay is easy to master yet exciting to play!

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Bac Bo

The world’s first live casino Bac Bo has added a twist to the well-known Baccarat concept – the addition of of four dice. The beauty of this game lies in the unique and easy-to-understand gameplay and a great Tie bet that pays up 88 to 1!

The game is similar to traditional Baccarat, but Bac Bo is played with four dice instead of cards. The Player’s and Banker’s score is made up of the sum of two dice, automatically shaken in four individual shakers, two for each hand. As the dice come to rest at different times, you can follow the buildup to the final result. When all four dice have stopped shaking, the final result is presented, and the hand with the highest two-dice total wins.

Set in a state-of-the-art Asian-themed environment, Bac Bo offers numerous live gaming statistics for bets and game results.

The Dice Shake

Bac Bo is played with four dice: two for the Player and two for the Banker. Each die is placed in an individual automatic shaker recessed into the surface of the gaming table.

During the betting time, all four dice will start to shake, and they come to rest in the following order:

The Player’s dice will always stop first, followed by the Banker’s dice and the highest score is determined.

If the Player has the highest score after the first dice shake, the Player’s second dice will stop next and vice versa.

The scores update during the gameplay, which makes it exciting to follow the gameplay as each dice shake comes to an end.

When all four dice have stopped shaking, the final result is displayed on the screen. The highest two dice total wins. If the result is a Tie, there are several different payouts depending on the tied dice result.

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